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It took a global pandemic to shake up the fashion industry and that includes me.

Our Story

I guess you could call me the original wild child- I’m happy answering to the soubriquet! 

I’ve always had a passion for fashion and creativity. I spent my teenage years lusting after a Clueless closet, intent on painting the town pink; my future always looked rosy. 

The next twenty years were spent in a sartorial whirl of fashion buying, designing and styling. I loved creating the unexpected and pushing boundaries - the mix of stylish utilitarianism and wearable fantasy were inspiring trends around the blogosphere. Fashion was fast, whipping up a What’s new? What’s next? culture and a craze for instant instagrammable looks. 

It took a pandemic to shake up the fashion industry and that includes me!

I started Chic to Repeat, a dedicated resale platform, as a service to clothes - to respect them, us and our planet. Over the years I’ve collected clothes and accessories from photo shoots, x-display, designer samples & more. I’ve got the pulse on what’s hot and what’s not. 


That saying ‘what this old thing? ’ has become more realistic than ironic. Everyone’s embracing old is gold and that’s great- but never forget fashion is fun and what’s new to you is what really matters. 


I hope you enjoy my expertly curated and authenticated  preloved gems as much as I have. 


You’ve got the power - the solar power- use it now- shop Chic to Repeat.